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Some men searching for a solution to treat erectile dysfunction will try just about anything. While erectile dysfunction has a multitude of causes both physical and psychological, store-bought treatments are not going to be as effective as our prescription treatments. We take the time to listen to a patient and assess all symptoms before customizing the treatment.

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What PRP Therapy can do for You

An individual’s sexual health is as important as their physical and mental health. Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction can experience loss of self-esteem and even depression. Fortunately, we have a solution to help treat erectile dysfunction. Platelet rich plasma injections can help with a variety of health issues, including regeneration and erectile dysfunction.

If you are searching for viable options to treat erectile dysfunction, then platelet rich plasma injections may be the solution you need.

Known as PRP therapy, platelet rich plasma injections are a natural treatment that can help the patient instead of relying on chemicals or other questionable treatment methods. Platelets are blood cells with multiple responsibilities in the body. Platelets help to:

  • Promote blood clotting
  • Provide proteins that promote healing
  • Prevent excessive bleeding when someone cuts the skin
  • Potentially release growth factors that can help to treat erectile dysfunction

By injecting the platelets into the penis, it can help to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction. In fact, this procedure will involve drawing the platelets from the patient’s blood, running them through a device known as a centrifuge to help isolate the platelets and then re-introducing five to ten times the normal amount of platelets to the penis.

We will administer the treatment at our practice during an appointment. In some cases, a patient may need multiple appointments. However, this treatment can help allow patients to:

  • Get an erection on demand
  • Maintain an erection throughout sexual intercourse
  • Experience improvements for six to 12 months after the procedure
  • See noticeable improvement in overall erectile function

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

Platelet-rich plasma injections involve drawing out a certain amount of a patient’s blood and isolating the platelets from the blood cells. Since the platelets in the plasma contain growth factors, they can help to promote healing and rejuvenating of the body’s tissues. Patients struggling with erectile dysfunction will begin to notice positive changes in their erectile function over the next few weeks and months following the procedure.

PRP is natural and comes from the patient’s blood, so there is less chance of chemicals reacting negatively with the patient’s body. Since we need to have the PRP enter the body at the area of treatment, we will need to use a small needle to inject the plasma in the genitalia. While this may be uncomfortable, it will not be painful.

There will only be some minor soreness and mild pain following the procedure that is treatable with painkillers. There may also be some redness and swelling at the injection site, but these will side effects will fade a day or so after the procedure.

The Treatment to Meet Your Needs

Our professional platelet rich plasma injection treatment plan can help enhance a patient's quality of life while taking any health concerns into account. The first step is to schedule a consultation with us in which we will review a patient’s medical history, current condition, allergies and any other pertinent information the patient may have.

With this information, we can customize the treatment and determine the most effective option to meet the patient’s needs. If PRP therapy is the solution to the patient’s sexual health issues, we will go over preparation for treatment and what the patient can expect.

Since erectile dysfunction can also result from psychological issues instead of physical health issues, it is important to seek professional guidance before selecting a treatment. We can help identify the cause of the dysfunction and recommend the most effective treatment.

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While there are store-bought medications that can help men get an erection, the erection will usually only last for minutes or several hours. These medications will also include their own set of health risks that can damage one’s quality of health. Our treatment can help you to save money that would go toward short-lasting and ineffective store-bought solutions.

If you are interested in our PRP injection treatment or another one of our male medical anti-aging treatments, give us a call today. Schedule an appointment with us to learn how you can live life to the fullest and not let erectile dysfunction hold you back.

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