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Peyronie’s disease can be an unfriendly condition and cause many to alter their sexual lifestyle in an undesirable manner. Fortunately, however, there are treatment options available to those who suffer from more severe symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. Since many cases of Peyronie’s disease improve naturally without medical intervention, it is important to be able to distinguish the difference between the more common symptoms and those that may indicate a more serious issue. The following is everything to know about Peyronie’s disease, including what it is exactly, its symptoms and causes and of course, treatment options available to those who suffer from it.

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What is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which fibrous scar tissue inside the penis causes a curvature in the penis when erect. While many cases of Peyronie’s disease are not severe and improve naturally over time, other, more concerning instances may become painful and lead to erectile dysfunction and the inability to have sex. Peyronie’s disease occurs most often in middle-aged and older men, although it is possible for younger adults to get the condition as well. In general, the older that one gets, the more at risk they are. If the symptoms are mild, the patient may be able to wait for the condition to improve, although symptoms that alter the patient’s lifestyle, affect their confidence or last for an extended amount of time may still require a doctor visit.

Symptoms of Peyronie’s disease

While each patient may have a different experience, there are certain symptoms that are common with Peyronie’s disease, including but not limited:

  • A curve in the penis when erect
  • Hard tissue in the penis
  • Pain in the penis when erect
  • Erectile dysfunction

  • The bend in the penis as a result of Peyronie’s disease can be in any direction, including upward, downward or to either side. Not every case of Peyronie’s disease is painful, and many are able to continue with their sex life in a normal manner. However, more serious complications may lead to painful erections that cause the person to avoid sexual behavior or have an inability to maintain an erection. While a wait-and-see approach may work, it is important to visit the doctor if the symptoms worsen or do not improve over time.

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    Causes of Peyronie’s disease

    Ultimately, Peyronie’s disease results from the scar tissue inside the penis not properly stretching during an erection. The cause of this issue is still being studied, although many experts believe improper healing of the penis following an injury to be one of the main causes of the condition. Other factors may also increase the risk of developing Peyronie’s disease, including hereditary and age factors.

    If there is a family history of Peyronie’s disease or the person is over the age of 55, then there is an increased risk. There are various health conditions, such as connective tissue disorders, that may increase the risk of Peyronie’s disease as well. There are some indications that smoking may also play a role.

    Treatment options for Peyronie’s Disease

    Not everyone with Peyronie’s disease requires treatment, and many who suffer from the condition see their symptoms improve within a year. For more serious cases that require medical intervention, there are two main treatment methods, medication and surgery, although there are other techniques, such as penile traction, that may be utilized.

    Perhaps one of the more common types of medications for Peyronie’s disease is pentoxifylline, which is an oral medication that works to reduce the amount of scar tissue in the penis. Surgery may be utilized to replace or alter the scar tissue in the penis if medication is ineffective. Penile traction may also be used as a treatment, which is a device used to straighten the penis through traction therapy.

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    If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease that has worsened or not improved over an extended amount of time, then consult with us and schedule a time to come in for a visit. Here at our doctor’s office, we have a dedicated staff that is willing and able to guide you through the Peyronie’s disease treatment process, all the way from the initial diagnosis to ensuring prevention of future instances after treatment is successful. Everybody should feel confident about their sex life and be able to enjoy it in a pain-free manner, and we are here to help those who may suffer from various symptoms of Peyronie’s disease.