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A penile traction procedure has helped many people overcome a variety of complications and concerns with their penis and live an overall higher quality of life. The following is everything to know about penile traction, including what it is exactly, when to consider penile traction and how the procedure works.

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What is a penile traction procedure?

Penile traction is a procedure that involves the use of a device that stretches the penis. It is considered a form of traction therapy, which is often used in medicine to fix a deformity or other complication to one’s physical appearance or medical need. The effectiveness of penile traction continues to be studied, but many who have utilized the procedure in the past attest to being able to improve a deformity in their penis. It is a safe procedure that carries few side effects or risks, so be sure to consult with us and find out if penile traction is right for you.

Why is a penile traction performed?

Many have a misconception that penile traction devices are only used for individuals who want to lengthen the size of their penis. While it is true that many with small-penis syndrome find penile traction to be a successful technique, there are other uses for the procedure as well. Another main reason penile traction is performed is to address a curvature in the penis caused by Peyronie’s disease, which is a condition in which the penis becomes deformed when erect due to fibrous scar tissue in the penis. Penile traction, along with other treatment methods, works to fix the complication and help the patient overcome the symptoms related to Peyronie’s disease.

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How a penile traction procedure works

The process for penile traction may be somewhat different for each patient, and it is important to talk with a doctor to form a strategy that proves most successful for your specific need. However, most procedures usually involve wearing the device for at least four hours each day and releasing the device every 20 minutes in order to prevent nerve damage. When used to treat Peyronie’s disease, it may also be used along with oral or injection medication.

Benefits of a penile traction procedure

There are many benefits of penile traction, including the possibility of achieving a longer penis size and helping address deformities caused by conditions such as Peyronie’s disease. It is also a non-invasive treatment method, whereas other options that are used to achieve a similar purpose may involve surgery or injection medication. The benefits derived from penile traction are specific to each individual and the purpose of the procedure, so be sure to consult with us and find out how penile traction can help you specifically.

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Whether you are looking to lengthen the size of your penis or fix a penis condition, a penile traction procedure can help. If you are considering penile traction or want to learn more about the procedure, consult with us today and find out how we can help educate and guide you through the entire process.