AboutMale Medical Institute Anti-Aging Solutions

At Male Medical Institute Anti-Aging Solutions, we help men take back control of their lives and treat their erectile dysfunction.

We will take the time to truly understand the patient’s needs and customize the treatment. This way, you can receive the treatment you need and avoid dealing with less-effective or temporary over-the-counter solutions. We understand that it can sometimes be embarrassing when one has performance issues, but we also understand that it will not get better without professional treatment.

We build a comfortable and safe atmosphere for patients, so they can be honest with us about their issues in order to receive the necessary treatment. If you are unsure what treatment you will benefit from for erectile dysfunction, give us a call today and schedule an appointment.

Dr. Alvaro Ocampo M.D.

Here is Dr. Ocampo's Curriculum Vitae:

  • Internship Sir Mortimer B Davis Jewish General Hospital a McGill University teaching Hospital Montreal Canada.
  • Research Scholar University of Southern California Los Angeles California.
  • Fellow Preventive Medicine University of California at San Francisco California.
  • Fellow Preventive Medicine Epidemiology centers for Disease Control CDC medical officer Epidemic Intelligence Service EIS US Public Health Service Atlanta Georgia.
  • Fellow Clinical Pathology Mallory Institute of Pathology Boston University Boston Mass.
  • Research Scholar Principal Investigator South Coast Research Center Miami Fl
  • Private Medical Practice Antiaging Medicine, Functional Integrative Medicine
  • Sexual Dysfunction treatment, Erection Dysfunction, Sexual Interventional Endocrinology, Aesthetic Medicine Thermi treatments, BioIdentical Hormone Replacement BHRT