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Welcome toMale Medical Institute Anti-Aging Solutions

At Male Medical Institute Anti-Aging Solutions, we can help patients remain healthy and not let age be a determining factor in their lives. While aging is a natural process, people do not need to stop living life to the fullest due to growing older. We can help men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction and impotence to regain vitality in their lives to continue living to the fullest.

Many men decide to just give up or take cheap medications that only produce short-term results, while we can help provide long-term solutions with a variety of treatment options. The first step is to give us a call and schedule an appointment.

Our Team

Our team takes the time to truly understand your health issues and determine an effective form of treatment. While there may be multiple treatments for erectile dysfunction out on the market, they are cheap and will not always produce the same results. In fact, patients may experience uncomfortable side effects when they do not console a medical professional first. While it can feel embarrassing to seek medical treatment for male impotence or erectile dysfunction, it is more embarrassing to continue struggling with the issue and not finding a valid solution. We will customize the treatment to the needs of the individual patient through an examination in which we take the time to truly understand the patient.

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Our Services

We provide a variety of services for patients that help to treat erectile dysfunction, male impotence, low testosterone and other issues that result from aging. Many men may not even realize that hormone imbalance and low testosterone levels can be a direct cause for many erectile issues. We can determine if this is the cause of a patient’s problem and administer the appropriate treatment. Our treatment services include low testosterone treatment, human growth hormone therapy, human chorionic gonadotropin treatment, male sexual enhancement, shock wave treatment, penile injection therapy, platelet-rich plasma injection and HCG injections. Instead of living your life struggling with any form of erectile issues, give us a call and begin the path toward living life to the fullest.

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Patient Information

We will customize the treatment to your needs to ensure that you do not have to struggle with any form of erectile dysfunction issues. We will need new patients to fill out a “New Patient Information Form,” covering a patient’s medical history, current condition, allergies, insurance and any other relevant information. We will use this information and the results of the initial examination to determine the most effective treatment for the individual patient. By customizing each treatment, we can help ensure that the patient receives the proper care and desired results. The patient needs to be open with us and not hold back any questions that he might have.